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Mammoth Lakes
Beginner Climbing Class

$150 person half day/ $200 per person full day

Summer time in Mammoth Lakes is one of the premier places to go climbing in the state.  The cool temperatures of the scenic lakeside crags makes it a perfect outing for families in the area.  This class is for those who have either no climbing experience or have climbed minimally in a climbing gym.  We will cover the basics of the climbing gear, learn the figure eight follow through knot to tie in with, learn how to belay each other, do a rappel, and learn the basic movement skills to be successful climbing all day.

Classes are offered daily.  There is a two person minimum for the class to run.

Classes included all the climbing gear you need for the day.  A full or half day of instruction and climbing from our AMGA trained or certified guides.  Learn rappelling, belaying, crack and face climbing movement skills and more.  Our class is the perfect activity for the family while vacationing in Mammoth Lakes, California.

Climbing options near Mammoth include:

Lakes Basin area, Horse Shoe Slabs

Rock Creek, Iris Slab,

Benton Crags

June Lake North Shore Crag

Clark Canyon

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